SBA Connect

SBA Connect is a quarterly newsletter to foster communication with entrepreneurs and the investment community. It contains club updates, wins from our portfolio companies, exciting discoveries in technology, business opportunities and summaries of events.

28 April 2020

This newsletter highlights the profile of a new SBA member, Charles Sidman, and invites readers to attend his upcoming webinar on “Different Investor Approaches to the Early-Stage Asset Class.” The article also discusses a recent UPE webinar on the impact of the COVID crisis on the startup ecosystem and the need to adapt to the new world post-pandemic. The newsletter emphasizes the importance of successful exits for both startups and investors and discusses Michael Porter’s five forces analysis on how the BA investment world will change, with a focus on the increased competition for funding opportunities. Overall, the newsletter encourages startups to think outside the box and be creative to attract investors in the post-COVID era.


The SBA board for this year initiated several projects, and this newsletter is one of them. The first issue was released earlier than planned due to current events. The author shares personal experiences of going through major dramatic situations such as the Gulf War, Tsunami, and the 2008 credit crunch. The stages of grief, which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, help individuals understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The first issue covers updates on SBA, issues impacting startups and business angels, spotlight on a startup with an innovative way to address the current situation, views on best practices, SBA members’ activities in the community, events section, and food for thought section. The goal is to provide hope to navigate through these troubled times. 

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