SBA Connect

SBA Connect is a quarterly newsletter to foster communication with entrepreneurs and the investment community. It contains club updates, wins from our portfolio companies, exciting discoveries in technology, business opportunities and summaries of events.

SBA Connect Volume - 6

22 Sep 2021

The sixth SBA Connect edition contains news about the club’s events, partners, mentee and investee companies, and its members’ achievements, including the sale of Light Tec to Synopsys by SBA member Yan Cornil. The club hopes for a similar success with its recent investment in EMPE Diagnostics, a TB diagnostics technology company. The investment came about through SBA’s membership in EBAN and collaboration with other angel organizations. The lead investor has a PhD in Immunology from Harvard University.

SBA Connect Volume - 5

04 Nov 2021

Volume 5 of SBA Connect highlights the success of several members who participated in a 1 million euro closing in France, as well as the Startup Factory event held in September that reinforced ties with the regional innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem. Due to the pandemic, the International Venture Academy was transformed into a Pitch & Coach session for online coaching, and SBA welcomed three new members who participated in the event. The newsletter also features Vice President Jonathan Laroussinie in the Member’s View section and announces upcoming pitch sessions with promising startups. Additionally, a partnership was finalized to help members master digital marketing.

SBA Connect Volume 4 covers various topics, including a profile of board member Olivier de La Meslière who liaises with funds/VCs, and the introduction of five new members. The Start Up Factory event, set to take place in September in Cannes as part of a partnership with CréACannes, is highlighted in the events section.

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