Apply For an Investment

Our Selection Criteria

Innovation projects that have potential to disrupt or strongly impact a market with a realistic business model.

We invest in people, and are particularly interested in the leadership strength, the quality of the team, its motivation

Ideally you have a working prototype or demonstrable proof of concept - a few early beta customers or partners is a plus

Our process


If your startup fits our evaluation criteria, simply fill out the application.
It will then be reviewed by a SBA committee that is tasked to review submissions for investment.

If selected, one of our team will provide you with his or her time and expertise to fine tune the pitch (no more than 7 minutes). You will then have the opportunity to present to a group SBA members to raise interest and promote discussion.

SBA members can further assist with fiscal, legal and technical due diligence. Shareholder agreements negotiations take place which eventually lead to an investment.


How To Complete Your Application


Basic information, contact details, company description, management team, social networks …

Executive summary

Target market, customer issues, competitive advantage, competitors, marketing/ sales strategy, products/services, business model ...


previous and current financing rounds, current financial statements...

Documents/Pitch Deck

Your financial forecasts, presentation document, presentation video and business plan.

Apply and upload your project on our dedicated Gust platform

You’ll have to complete your file by filling out each category with the requested information and documents. In order for your file to be sent, all mandatory fields must be filled in (a little green circle will appear when the category is complete).

The SBA receives many unsolicited requests for investment. We do our best to respond to these within the scope of our limited time available.

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