Get Coached

A big part of what we do is to mentor, or coach, you and your team. We help you nail your story, pitch, or strategy to prepare you for investment.

We do this on a one on one basis for promising projects and have created several vehicles to help you practice and get exposure to help secure your investment.

The Startup Factory

A popular event held a few times a year in Cannes, The StartUp Factory offers you entrepreneurs and students valuable networking events to pitch early business ideas (3 minutes only) and meet with investors and others in the startup community. (French Language Only)

International Venture Academy

The International Venture Academy, our flagship bi-annual Pitching, coaching, and networking event, brings together members of the startup ecosystem. We offer personalized pitch coaching and prizes for the top 3 startups. Co-organized with SKEMA.

SBA Invest

SBA Invest meetings are regularly scheduled pitching sessions, either by Zoom or in person. In person events offer select entrepreneurs the chance to have dinner with Members of the team and discuss offerings or exchange ideas on potential opportunities of the industry at large.

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