If you’re project has not come to maturity yet, and you’re searching for alternative solutions or events to improve it, you can also participates to our different events

If your project is still maturing or your business is very new, you will be invited to participate in the Start Up Factory to briefly present your project to an audience of investors, coaches and other project leaders. The questions raised after your pitch will help you perfect your project. You will also have the opportunity to network and increase your circle of advisors.

The Startup Factory is an evening event, conducted in French and run every quarter


If your project is more mature and you’re comfortable pitching but now wish to become “investment ready”, then you will be invited to participate in the Venture Academy. You will attend a workshop, pitch your company twice and receive personalised coaching. This gives you an opportunity to find a sponsor and investors. The networking opportunities are fantastic.

The International Venture Academy a three days event, conducted in English and run twice a year in the Spring and the Fall. It is kicked off on Thursday evening and ends up on Saturday after a brunch.